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My 180g Nano Reef Idea

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Hey guys! I had an idea for my 180 gal that I have. It is focused mainly around the many symbiotic relationships that can be mimicked in the aquarium. See the attached pdf for a list of fish that I'm currently planning on. I haven't worked on the inverts yet but I plan on coral, a cleaner crew, and maybe an emerald, arrow, or sally light foot crab. Any advice would be appreciated! Also, the only thing I still need is a protein skimmer. Which would you recommend for this tank? Thanks!


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I wouldn't recommend having 2 species of clownfish in the same tank, they will likely fight. The mandarin should be added later due to its specific dietary requirements. Does the 4 number indicate 4 yellow tangs? Other than that it looks good! Take a look at some of the reef octopus skimmers, I hear a lot of good things about them.
Thanks! Thanks for the advice on the clowns. If I had 2 black ocellaris mixed with 2 regulars would they fight? Yes, I didn't plan on adding the Mandarins for a while, and yes the numbers indicate the amount of that specific species. And for the shrimp goby, by 4 i meant a pair of shrimp and a pair of fish. Thanks for the skimmer info. I heard some good things too. Ill look into it.
No problem, 4 yellow tangs may be pretty unnecessary in my opinion as well. That is a high bio-load fish and having 4 will put a lot of strain on a 180 with all the other fish going in as well. The 4 clowns would more than likely fight. You should stick with a pair. The other fish and inverts look good to me. A fish list like this that is based on your list would work well.
Pair of clowns
The 3 of pairs clown gobies (yellow, black, green) The black and green will be tough to find in a 180 though!
Zebra Barred Dartfish
1 Yellow Tang
Hippo Tang
Maybe another species of tang like a Kole or a sailfin
The shrimp/goby pairs
Lawnmower Blenny
Neon Gobies
A group of Chromis

That would be an alright bio-load and provide lots of color and interesting behavior. Also, if you are getting a bubble tip anemone there is no guarantee that the occ. clowns will be hosted. A pair of Clarkii clowns are naturally hosted by bubble tips and much more likely to develop a symbiotic relationship with the anemone. They do get bigger than the occs but they'd be fine in a 180. Just my 2 cents.
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Thanks! You've been a huge help. One more question. What kinds of corals would you recommend? I'd rather they all be hardy. I need some acropora for the clown gobies and I'd like some leathers.
Acropora's are not hardy corals they require prestine water conditions. With that high of a bioload I would stick with soft corals and LPS. They can handle water fluxuations better than the acros. You do not need Acropora's for the clown gobies as well. They will do fine on their own.
Acroporas would probably be the last choice I would recommend as a coral. They are difficult to care for and need perfect water and parameters. Like reefzilla mentioned, a variety of lps and soft corals would work well. Look into species of Euphyllia like Torch, Frogspawn, and hammer. They are beautiful and can get pretty big with the right care. They are also generally hardy. Other lps to look into would be the duncan and some of the open brain corals. Both of those species are generally hardy as well. A big toadstool leather would look great in the tank as well.

And no problem, glad I can help.
Thanks guys. You've been a huge help. I'm not 100% sure it's actually gonna happen, but I'll keep you posted. Thanks again.
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