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Must See TV!

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i will announce this at the meeting, but for those who dont get to go, tomorrow night (sunday) at 8 pm on OPB (channel 10 in portland) there is a special on the reef life that has overtaken the ship and aircraft wrecks in the solomon islands. it hints at the topic being the struggle for space and food on the wrecks, and shows corals and fish in the teaser.

for anyone interested in history, war, animals, plants, travel, the ocean, or pretty patterns colors flashing on magical glass boxes should check this out, as it seems to hold great promise for footage of reef systems.

oh, and support pbs while yer at it! send em a check for 10 bucks.
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I saw that when i was watching OPB earlier today!
those were some pretty **** sweet sps colonies on that sunken ship.
Now see we have it all backwards, building a tank in our house... perhaps it's time to look into building a house in the tank/ocean...
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