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Hey guys,

I recently set up a small mushroom frag tank, and after cycling, I decided to put a few in the tank.

The dimensions of my tank are 65cm x 40cm x 20cm, roughly equating to 50L.

I am lighting it with 2 dual compact 11W marine blue/sunlight fluro, the PL-11 Aqua One brand. I have a small powerhead (200 lph) circulating the water around the tank, and is not directed at any of the mushrooms.

All the parameters are within acceptable ranges. I am using Instant Ocean salt.

Ever since I put the mushrooms in, they have started to slightly shrivel and curl up and some have detached from their rocks.

So my question is: Would you think that the lighting too strong or not strong enough? I know that they don't like high lighting or flow, but I can only assume it is the lighting causing the problem.
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