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spaceman spiff
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I am looking into buying a calcium reactor for my tank. I want something that's will handle just about anything and have kind of landed on the MyReefCreations CR-2. I was also thinking about getting the pump, CO2 regulator, and 5 lb CO2 tank from them. So, questions:

1 - Does anyone have a MRC calcium reacor, and what are your thoughts on it?
2 - Would you recommend something else?
3 - What is a highly reputable media to use?
4 - Is there a better place to get the regulator or CO2 tank than straight from MRC?

I like this size of this model (footprint fits in my stand) and i really like my MRC kalkreactor, which is why i've got my eye on this piece. Let me know if i'm making a mistake. Thanks!

Tang Lover
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I have a CR-2 and love it. Pricey...but that was more the extra equip (regulator, etc)

Truly quality can FEEL that it's well made. Love it, love it.

ALso have an MR-2! Anytime I've ever had questions, I've called Andy over at MRC, and he's helped me out. Great customer service, great product!

ARM media.

The regulator's he has are pretty much teh best, IMO. And his price (as part of hte package deal) is pretty competative.

But don't get the Co2 tank. It's gonna be empty..and wherever you go to fill it will more than likely trade you, instead of actually filling YOUR tank. So it's kind of a waste.
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