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Would like to sell the set up as a whole. Asking $600.00 ($700.00 with the RO) 90 gal arcrylic tank. Black base with black hood. 20 gal sump. The protein skimmer is a turbo floater 1000...VHO lighting(I would have to check on the brand) Not sure what brand the tank is either. (I was not really involved in the purchase of the tank-I just maintain it!) It is an arcrylic tank-badly scratched since it was a beginners tank and our 2 children liked the magnetic cleaner. Pumps, heaters, etc.
at least 90 lbs. live rock with a live sand substrate (lots of cool creatures in that stuff)
(1) skunk clownfish
(1) false perc clownfish
(2) green chromis
(1) coral banded shrimp
(3) turbo snails
various snails and crabs
(2) bubble tip anemones
(1) leather coral
(1) large clump yellow polyps
(3) different clumps different types zoas
(1) purple gorgonian
Aqua Safe RO system with replacement filters
also salinity refractometer, any leftover salt and food that we have, bins used for water changes
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