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moving cyano covered rocks

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Okay the skimmer is here and i should have the tank up and with the sand and some water tonight maybe all the water depending on how many trips i feel like making *lights come monday* anyways the question is im moving all the rocks from my 10g to my 75g its the start of the rock ill have in there the problem is my 10g even with a dang ph and filter still has cyano pretty bad. If i rinse the rocks *swish dunk type thing* then add them to the 75g will it just bring it with or will that go away. i have the overflow and two K3;s for flow and all that will be in there is sand and these rocks. Do u think it will be an issue?
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Probably, the cyano is feeding off excess phosphates and just swishing rock in a bucket of salt water is not going to make that go away. Adding more live rock to the new tank is going to prolong any nasty cycle. You really ought to consider getting all the rock you will use in the new tank and putting it thru the cooking cycle
Unfortunatly the place i get my rock wont have any new stuff for a while and the other rock im useing is from my current display. Its moveing about 6 feet from one tank to the next. so if i move that later that will start a cycle again? If so ill just leave it with no rock til i have time and can get it all done at one time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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