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Moving along Wednesday!

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.......time is winding down here on the Good ship Lollipop for me. :eek:

Good morning Troops, and HAPPY WEDNESDAY TO Y'ALL! Still thinking of you Cath. (y)
Coffee is fresh, and will grab grub later......taking Hack to the Sams' new home build shortly....painting and tiling is in His near future. Kinda tell by the looks of his clothes when We picked Him up yesterday. :sneaky:

Not sure what Jen n I have on the slate for our day, but will be the nicest of the next couple, so probably involves going 'out'.

Peace and grooviness to A;;,
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Hey Vinnie!

I just dropped Jr. off at the Sams', and dragging my feet till the Mrs. gets a vote in on our day's PLANS.
Haven't a clue what I'm looking at in that picture other than COOL n GROOVY? LOVE the aquascaping structure.....Is that actually the size of a 'haul-a-way' storage container? Looks like a fork lift would just pick that up and set it on a truck?
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Glad grooviness reigned over All this day.....COOL! (y) :cool:
Glad to hear you chimed in Cath and let us know how it went.

Vinnie.....really cool on finding a previously lost treasure such as that.....didn't even now it was a 'thing'? Since living here amongst the games original territory here by the AC boardwalk....I'm aghast. ALBUQUERQUE?

Doug, nice that the weather wasn't as bad as they predicted, and 'deliveries' behaved themselves.

Jeff.....:unsure:.....I'll try to find the sunny spot inside that there grey cloud of a day....GREAT NEWS the new furry fella is getting close to coming home to you!(y)

I'll continue that trend.
Guess what I did today......
Plant Sky Natural landscape Land lot Agriculture

.....' that a new shooting club you just joined?'

YES.....yes it is!
A bastion of sanity is a sea full of ill wired creatures. Ya now, I had no idea this even existed within a mere 17 miles of my home? :unsure::eek: Amazing what you can hide given enough trees! FORWARD MY MAIL!
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