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Moving along Wednesday!

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.......time is winding down here on the Good ship Lollipop for me. :eek:

Good morning Troops, and HAPPY WEDNESDAY TO Y'ALL! Still thinking of you Cath. (y)
Coffee is fresh, and will grab grub later......taking Hack to the Sams' new home build shortly....painting and tiling is in His near future. Kinda tell by the looks of his clothes when We picked Him up yesterday. :sneaky:

Not sure what Jen n I have on the slate for our day, but will be the nicest of the next couple, so probably involves going 'out'.

Peace and grooviness to A;;,
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Good afternoon, all!

Hack, as you said, the procedure was easy-peesy. The medical team was great from the gastroenterologist dude to the anesthesiologist and all the attending nurses. One of the nurses recognized me from when I worked at the library Then she said something about the upcoming planetarium, and one woman there hadn’t heard about it, so she proceeded, to tell her all about that.
My esophagus looks good, as do the other organs, but they sent off a biopsy from my stomach to be tested. I mentioned something about a pain that I have on my right side, and he said he asked if I had still had my gallbladder. So in the next couple weeks, I will have an ultrasound to check that out.

Hack, yup your description of Nate’s work clothes shows how much work he’s doing and what kind of work he’s doing. Great experience for him!

Vinnie, that looks like a great aquarium. Is that indeed a haul out bin as Hack suggested?
I think that’s the kind of thing that would get Jeff’s attention. It sure got mine. Looks like it would be a fun game with Albuquerque as the city.

Doug, that sounds like a terrible drive for your people to do deliveries. Not to mention their drive back!

Jeff, all that other stuff that you had to do today is small beans compared to you getting the final payment for your new GSE pub, Nash. But I know you need to get your back in working order and less painful so you can take care of your doggies and birds more easily.

Lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone!
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