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Moving along Wednesday!

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.......time is winding down here on the Good ship Lollipop for me. :eek:

Good morning Troops, and HAPPY WEDNESDAY TO Y'ALL! Still thinking of you Cath. (y)
Coffee is fresh, and will grab grub later......taking Hack to the Sams' new home build shortly....painting and tiling is in His near future. Kinda tell by the looks of his clothes when We picked Him up yesterday. :sneaky:

Not sure what Jen n I have on the slate for our day, but will be the nicest of the next couple, so probably involves going 'out'.

Peace and grooviness to A;;,
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Afternoon all,
My day started early , a hr sooner than I planned since Murphy decided to roust me at 4:30am,, compared to the 5:30 I planned on so I could hit Home Depot when they opened up north .

Back home then back to the same locale to stop at Best Buy since I assumed the washer pedestal I ordered was in ( they guessed/claimed on Tuesday, but since my email is messed up, I’d give em a day since I would not get email from em saying it was in )
I assumed wrong,,, no show yet 🤷🏻‍♂️😡,,,

While I was up north I stopped at my bank and got the remaining 1/2 of new GSD pup on Saturday, Nash’s money out.

Decent outside , 50 degrees. Other than some dawg land mine patrol’n , no hard plans on outside stuff today.

surgery center in the morning for back “ablation’n “ ,, cutting a few nerves that are causing secondary pain/cramps when I’m standing/walking too long,,( that timeline is getting shorter 😵‍💫🤨😩) Doc said it oughta last for 6-8 months, chalk up being “old(er) “ for a body as it ages to re-do those nerves a bit longer than spring chickens.

On to the rest of the day,,

Hope everyone is having a great one !👍🏼
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