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Hi all,

Just got back from a vacation, but while I was there I got a call from my tanksitter, she said that when she arrived the power had been out for quite a while.......
so this is what I lost,

Lineatus Fairy Wrasse
Female Bellus Angel
Fathead Anthia
False Percula
Cleaner shrimp
Squamosa Clam
Leopord Wrasse

The big Derasa is doing good along with the fish that survived

Everything has now been in the new 120 for awhile

On the bright side I still have all my green chromis ( the least expensive in my tank live while most of the expensive ones die), a Desjardini and a Helfichi Firefish

Just letting off steam, and I thinking about getting a generator:)


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really sorry to hear that. :(

i know exactly how you feel. last Xmas i came back with my tank dead also. all exept my indestructable Kole tang.

i just got back from a week vacation last night, nothing real bad, but had to do an emergency frag of my new yellow leather.

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