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Mornin' All! Happy Saturday!

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cheatin ' a lil, but i'm legal,,,,
hope everyone has a happy and safe Saturday
got a early wake up here, helping my sister and brother-in -law and their 3 sons move this morning, to their newly completed monster sized home,,,most of the big stuff is moved already,so it looks to be a 1/2 day deal ,,,i hope
then whats left of the day is prob gonna whatever i start doin,,
then it's a 16 shift on Sunday fer me,,,
just counting down for my Keys divin vacation in bout 10-12 days or so , camera came in , and so did the UW housing for it, so i am READY! i'll be the one driving the 40 ft motor coach w/a Jeep Liberty in tow,,,Buffett tunes will be going in the CDplayer,,
watch out !:funny: :D
(hope i did not make you tired reading this Jay);)
everyone have a great weekend!:)
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go to bed (and I need to)
morning all its 220 here and it is sticky as heck out side... night everyone
who needs sleep, quick nap and tons of things to do!
Yep, and the best part of the early morning ... a kitty making herself comfortable on my lap; purring up a storm.

Headed up to Green Bay today, home of Wisconsin's best coral shop. Crossing my fingers for a green w/ purple tip M.Cap or some other sweet treasure to bring back tomorrow.

But first I gotta keep checking here, see if I won the photo contest [or see who won ... though I bet it's the worm photo]
Well it is 5:15 here and taking my wife to Milwaukee to take her CNA Cert..... Hopefully she does well, nervous but confident she is but a little luck never hurt anyone.....
Good Morning TRT!!

Well the best part of waking up is WAKING UP!!:D

Stayed indoors all day yesterday because it was reccommeded we do so with all the fires and so much smoke and poor air quality!:(

No plans here for today! Have a nice Saturday!:)


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Good Mawnin' TRT!!!

Jeff! I'm glad to see you're back to your extended posting style. Been missing that lots! (Where is Jay, btw?? ) Good that your sister and her hubby have your energetic self to help with the move. Moving is so much fun. Ask Tom, and crew :D

Boy, did it rain a lot early this AM...thunder boomers and all that. My paper is wrapped in a plastic bag, but it's still soaked :(

Been to the gym and now I have to get hammered into shape for the rest of the day.

Buehlz- we're right in there with you and your wife on her CNA exam. Are we supposed to say "break a leg" on that? hehehe

Lots of love, hugs, peace and electric power!
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Good Morning Again!

Well I started down the stairs in our apartment building and could smell the smoke before I opened the door to go outside! Stinky!:eek:

I got over to the intersection at the light waiting for it to turn green and could barely see Wal-Mart where I was heading! I noticed small black clouds of smoke high in the sky and when I got to Wal-Mart and went inside the alarm system kept going on and off! Really playing heck with their system! Kinda of "alarming:)rolleyes: ) as you don't know if it's for real or not!!

Was glad to get back home and plan to stay indoors for the weekend by the looks and hope for better results next week! It did rain a little bit on the way home but the guy on the radio was joking about it as he said, " I didn't see any cars with their windshield wipers on".:funny:
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Somebody turn on the AC. Sitting on the back porch this morning and sweltering.

Good Morning all!

PS> Johnny, saw your zoo pics on another unmentionable site. Awesome! :thumbup:
Hey Greg! Now I'm in trouble again!!!:D
AC is on, but I'm headed out to the garden. Just back from morning rounds at the hospital and swung by Lowes on the way home. I felt the need to "rescue" a bunch of newly marked down $1 rhododendrons and mini roses, so I'm off to plant. And run soaker hoses, 'cause it's brutally hot and dry.

Catch ya'll later,
Hey Danielle and Johnny!! I'll gladly send you some of our rain!!
We'd be happy to take it off your hands! (Although Johnny needs it more than I do!)

well i have to go and be an usher at my step brothers wedding in a few hours.. i tried rela hard to talk him out of it. but it didnt work. so i guess his life is officially over at 4:00 today.. to bad :funny:

hope everyone has a great day!

Ah but Jay, *her* new life is just beginning-trying to train her new husband :D

Still officially morning for a little while here; it's a bit chilly and rainy here right now with a chance of thunderstorms later. Maybe the rain will head your way, Johnny.

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday :)

:funny: :funny:
Well, i'm back from moving the sis and family into their new home,,,Whewww,nothing like the hottest day to do it!My Dad brought a 30ft enclosed car trailer,and pretty much got almost everthing in it,,had to make a second trip to get some leftover non essentials,shed,patio stuff etc.had about 6 people their to grunt with, my brother-in -law got smart this time and hired movers to move their72' ish tv and mondo bedroom set a few days b4,,appliances stayed , so the biggest things were a couple of couches and chairs,beds etc.think i'm gonna veg out the rest of the day,,,,:D
Well I am finally back from Milwaukee, FYI no I dont want my wife to break a leg she is already off for 2 weeks and is in a air cast because of a bruised heal.... But the good news is that she ACED her skills test and aced her writen exam.... So now she is a CNA.... Thank God.... Now next month she starts schooling twords a RN
woohoo and she'll be making more money to buy you bigger and better reef tanks :D

congrats to her !!!!
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