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more live sand??

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I need to add some live sand to my 14 gal. tank and am not sure if/how to do this. I started with about an inch or so deep. However, recently, I am having had to scoop sand out along with the red algae (cyanobacteria) that has infested the tank. Now the sand is low and I'm sure the good bacteria need help. I continue the quest for the ideal combo of rock, critters, food, etc. over the past 9 months and am slowly getting there. Nothing has died for the past month. But the red cyano stuff is persistent and I continue to cut back on lighting and food. If I do add some additional live sand, how should I go about it? Any advice is welcome.
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try reducing feeding light and check the phosphate level,.......adding sand without solving the cyano prob is not the solution, I would take a cup of sand fill it with fresh water lower it to the bed and dump it. sorry just saw you have reduced light, ever tried phosban?
what type of water are you using? also you can use a piece of pvc and a funnel to put sand where you want
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