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Moonlight putting my corals to sleep

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My current moonlight setting is putting my corals to sleep. I want to enjoy the colors in the evening, but they all close up under the blue light. I have attached an image of my current setting, any advice greatly appreciated!
Light Water Font Line Screenshot
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Are you talking about the last bit where the whites come down but the blue and purple are still around 10%? I'm with Jerry, that you should probably run your lights longer, unless these are just supplemental or something. Regarding the moon light part, corals will close up when they sense that there isn't enough light to photosynthesize. If you want to enjoy the corals under very blue light for the color, but want to keep them open, I would (and do actually) bring down the whites, greens, and reds, but bring the blues up a little bit at the same time for the last 30 min of the night or whatever. I actually have mine in all blue for about an hour, then it ramps down to completely off over 10 minutes, my total photoperiod is 12 hours.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts