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moon lights?????

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I have been seeing alot about these moon lights, are these lights worth buying? do they have benificial properties? Im really wanting to know. thanks alot Bryan
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IMO they do not have any benefit to the tank unless they are run by a controller to imitate the moon phases...
I've been thinking about them for months and finally yesterday decided to buy them!!!!! They are Awsome!! As far as I know they don't have any detrimental properties(including eye damage to fish). I run them all night, and they are really pretty because you get the shimmer of MH during the night! I can finally tell if my serpent star is eating or not. I'd say go for it!
moon lights

I wonder if it messes with the photosythisis of clams and other light living things?
i thought of a low cost alternative the other night. if you are only looking for a moonlight to see in the tank at night, and not runnign it on a controller to simulate the moon cycle..

at the store (grocery, department) they sell nightlights. soft touch flat pads. they resemble and indiglow watch. come in square and round. might be something worth looking into.

you could also get a red light if you are wanting to see night critters without disturbing the fish day/night cycle and or the corals.

fish and other inverts cant see the red spectrum, so your tank can be lit up with red, and they wont know it. but you will :)
We were given a couple of different ones to "play" with. I can't say for sure if there is any benefit, but I have not seen any detriment, and the effect is stunning.

IMO go for the blue one over the white one - there are two popular brands out there now, one is a lot pricier than the other but after comparing both products, the expensive one is worth it - PM me for specifics if you like. Either one does a neat job.

It's supposed to prompt creatures to spawn - I don't know if that's the case, but the effects of the light have good hobbyist appeal - it makes night viewing really interesting.

i had been told that it only prompts spawing if they are on a controller that simulates the moons phases..

but that info was from a questionable lfs at best. so it could very well be inaccurate, or jsut something they heard somewhere.
I got moonlights a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love them. I am not sure what, if anything, they do for the fish and inverts, but my tank sure looks cool at night! The blue light spectrum makes the tank shimmer.

I have my tank in a corner of my bedroom and smoetime stay up late watching the nightworld of the reef tank. Great for insomnia. :)

i know how you feel. my black and white beast is in my bedroom 3 feet from my bed..

one of the reasons i installed the viewable fuge was so it could be on a reverse light cycle to help balance ph.. i stare at the tank when i'm laying in bed at night.. relaxing. :)
Re: moon lights

bryjo said:
I wonder if it messes with the photosythisis of clams and other light living things?
i think it would to some extent if the tank is lit bright enough that you do not need to squint to see anything in there (this is assuming you are using another colour other than red as the light). it really should be very dim to our eyes in order to not disturb the critters that much.

what it could disturb is their breeding cycle. a lot of the critters key on the moon cycle for breeding timing. imagine trying to breed during broad daylight on a reef. FEEDING FRENZY.:D

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