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as title suggests.. i have 2 missing fish in my 20gal (a few corals in there, 2 small clownfish, 1 small purple firefish and 1 small 6line wrasse - overstocked i know, but they were going to be moved when i got back from holiday - new tank for xmas woohoo!!!) and theres a bunch of lumpy "tube" structures around 5-10cm in length/2cm in diameter in random places on the sand bed?? (ive noticed these happen when the hermits fight and kill each other)

ive been on holiday for 14 days, came back yesterday (yay!) and had a friend (who really had no choice :rolleyes:) to take care of the fish. he's no pro, but he understands the basics of feeding lol

leading up to the holiday all fish were perfect and healthy, swimming around and super active even my corals looked really good. my levels were all where they should be! no readings of amm, -ites and -ates at all (i did a water change prior to leaving)

when i came back one of my clownfish (the female) had a large belly and seemed a little upset - ie. not swimming, trying to "stick" or lean against the sides of the tank, sitting on the rocks, no appetite at all). where as my other clownfish was active as normal.

i tested the water straight away - everything was fine, it was where i expected it to be, nothing out of the ordinary (im incredibly anal when it comes to amm, -ites and -ates readings, so these were perfectly within parameters). did a 15% water change and woke up the next morning (yes... i did a water change at midnight haha :cool:)

2 clownfish were looking back to their old selves again. active and hungrryyyyyyyyyy

i am stilll missing my 6 line wrasse (huckleberry) and purple firefish (chesterfield).... my partner named them...

they were best of friends, so i know for a fact they wouldnt have fought to the death. i had a look in their normal hiding spots and they werent there :(

so here's my question to you ...have they died? :bawling:

i dont have a sump or protein skimmer, the only intake i have is a HOB filter (with no media) i leave it running but only ever use it when i do maintenance, i use it to remove detritus from the water column (i put a new sponge in to trap it all).

anyway i have 12 hermit crabs and 12 snails.. do you reckon these sandy tubes are the remainder of my fishies? :(

have you guys ever had an experience like this coming back from holidays? :(
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