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Mild Scare!!

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Well I am sitting at the puter checking out the TRT forum and wife blurts out: "OH No" "Oh No" and I turn my head to the right to check out my reef tank and then turn my head to the left and check out her reef tank as my heart is racing fearing the worst had happened to one of our tanks and turn my head to her and said "What's Wrong?" and she said with a giggle, " Look Dirty Dancing is on Again!!"

No we never worry about our reef tanks. Yeah Right! The apartment building could be falling down and first thing I would check is my reef tank!:)

After my heart rate dropped and hands stopped sweating I signed a sign of relief and continued reading the forum!
Life is good when your reef tank is ok and well!:)
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similar scare for me, but nothing like that. LOL

apartment lady called me on my cell when I was at work. My neighbors (downstairs neighbors) were complaining of a leaky ceilling. AHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Rush home scared my tank broke (no sumps yet at this time, jsut internetl filters in canopy, so no real risk of leaking) turned out, water line in attic busted. Took the hole in ceiling and soaking carpet/kitch table fine, just as long as it was not my tank leaking.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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