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Micro Bubbles...I have searched and...

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I have found many solutions both long and short term.

My 25 gallon sump/refuge has alredy been built and has baffles built in already which are being rendered useless due to the water level of my sump. So I am curious of some other w2ays to stop these micro bubbles, I have heard of using a micron filter pad right before the sump outlet but hear that is can cause high nitrate buildup and has to be cleaned almost daily. My drain is currently a 1 1/2" pipe which splits into the skimmer chamber and teh refuge(refuge at a slower rate).. the skimmer chamber is just a 1 1/2"spa flex pipe which dumps right into the skimemr chamber, the other a spray bar which lets out into the refuge. SO I would love to hear your ideas

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The first thing you need to do is find out where the bubbles are coming from. Are they from the overflow drain tube, from the skimmer, from falling over a baffle? Let us know and we'll help ya out!:D

-Big Dave
i had micro bubbles in my tank up until this past month. they were from the SB and the LR. these were nitrogen bubbles caused by the cycle. i thought for the longest time they were from the skimmer or my pumps or something. i looked long and hard and finally noticed where the bubbles were actually comming from. not that my tank is 9+ months old the bubbles have stopped. i now have nearly crystal clear water. if your tank is fairly new then it may just need to mature a little more.

just an observation,

And me....

I have those little buggers as well. 'Cept i know where they're coming from. Most are from the overflow which has a powerhead in it. I cant figure out a way to keep the water from "falling" so hard. Tried the floss but nasty detrious trap. Threw ina few bioballs. Hasnt helped. Any ideas?


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