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MH & Polyp

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I've had my Hamilton 250w 10KDE MH for about 6 months. I have it about 5 inches off the water, and have some atinic all the way accross. I have a 90 gallon, and figured I would try one MH before making the plunge and buying a second. So, I put my PC's on one side and the MH on the other. My Polyps, near the middle top of the tank are slowly reseeding when prior to the light they were going bonkers spreading. I know there is an acclimation period, but this has been happening over the last 6 months. My polyps on the PC side are doing fine.

SO, my question is...does everyone with MH have their polyps low? OR, should I be raising the height of my MH? On a 90 what will give me good penetration and "ripple"?

Thanks ....
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We had our MH 8" above the water on a 90, and they're about that far off on our present 135. As for polyps, I have some growing near the top, but they started out closer to the bottom and grew up. (I have some at the very top, and some at the very bottom now.)

If you can move them farther down, they might take off again.

I hope someone else can help shed some light on the subject (no pun intended)

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