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MH bulbs

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Does anyone have any used or new 175Watt MH bulbs laying aorund that they want to get rid of? mogul base please. thanks
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I've got an AB 10,000K 175W bulb that's been burning for about 2 months if you're interested. I'm going to switch back over to something with a little more blue.
One.... _MILLION_ .....Dollars!:p

Nah, I guess I paid about $65. How about $40?
hm... im interested does anyone else have any bulbs? for cheaper? PM or email me and let me know what u got. thanks
How about 150 watt HQIs?
Nope sorry I have only a mogul base setup i bought from darkfrog. oh by the way the setup works great. I tested it with a friends bulb. thanks ron
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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