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Meetings will be in the North Shore Area, within convenient driving distance to all members from Boston to Southern NH.

Club alignment with Local Fish Stores will provide discounts on items and group buys.

Free reefkeeping classes and workshops.

Plenty of free food at all meetings. No "food guards".

Organized frag swaps and online frag exchange program.

No small group or "inner circle" of members will ever control the club. Members will have voting privileges (hopefully online!) on all club matters.

Free advertisement for member frag sellers, member equipment makers, etc. on the "Members Only" forum. For a small monthly sponsorship fee to TRT LFSs can advertise (commercially) at will on this forum, once it is up and running.

Member directory where members can post advertisement for their "non-reef" services.

Opportunity for members to give presentations on their systems.

Member and vendor transaction rating thread that will allow members to evaluate prosepective buyers, sellers, "non reef" related service providers.

Online "tanksitter" services and "buddy system" for the times when you go on vacation and need a sitter. If you use the system to secure a tank sitter, then you must offer yuor services to sit a tank for someone in the future.

Tank tours, discounted dive/snorkel travel group trips, and more....

In the Members Only Forum, members do not have to ask club moderators' permission, or get the seal of approval from club moderators when posting LFS or Vendor Experience topics. As long as you play by all the TRT posting rules, please feel free to rate any vendor, manufacturer, LFS, etc.
We will not annoy you by chiming in on every single "experience" post and we will leave it to the members to use these posts to judge vendors, LFS, etc. for themselves.

If you make a suggestion or a request, you will never be told, "No we can't do that, it is not the club's purpose".

We will moderate as little as possible. We will not act like we know everything and we will not argue the validity of your posts as far as vendor experiences. We may disagree with your assessment but we will never moderate solely for moderation's sake.

If you like what you see here, PLEASE join our club!
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