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It would be nice to see pix of folks and since so many folks have other pets, some with those other pets. It will help attach a name with a face for the eventual meeting of the minds. Thought it would be a good posting for the reef discussion area. I'll start with my bad dog.

My Lab at 9 months, he is much bigger now, 115 lbs of pure LOVE...

Only problem is that he still thinks he's a lap dog...
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Alrighty, Tom... but pics of us and ALL the critters are tough. (As evidenced that it took 30+ digital shots to get one of me and 2/3 of the dogs!)

Here's me and my girls in our Christmas picture. Sassy (lab/Irish Setter) is on the left, and Sasha (Border Collie/something) is sort of in my lap.

And that's Andy with Ion, our positively charged black cat.

Tom, luv your lab! Sounds like my Nikolai - thinks he's a big lap dog. (Course Nik is only 75 lbs...)



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2 I've gotta try to get pictures with my two dogs, four cats, snake, rabbit, and hamster? Do I count my students as pets?
We have 3 cats but this one is my favorite; he's coming up 10 years old. Gotta scan some pics of me with my other pets; Im always behind the camera.

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HEH! I love the critters, Danielle, but what's that on Andy's face???

Also, why do we talk to our pets with our teeth clenched in funny voices??? :rolleyes:

I'm just curious Tom today ;)
Great shots everyone! i will have to work on getting the 4 snakes and 2 iggys all togeather, altought one snake is a King snake so the others will not like that:funny:
here are the iggy's both are close to 3 foot plus. the kids hand feed them!.
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Me, Jack and Rudy

Here I am with Jack, a mutt about 3years old and Rudy; part black lab,part Bull mastiff, about 1 1/2 years old. Both great loves from the shelter.
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Like i got the time to take/get pics together of everything around here Tom!
I promise to get something together and post them,,,,
Might even move this to M'ville, prob will maybe get close to the number of posts as that "ignore this thread" one LOL

This is our newest addition.

He is a 9 week old Bloodhound
anyone have any name suggestions?

I'm not in many pics. being the one with the camera most of the time.
but here is a pic. of me and my 3yr old with his first fish.
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This is my little buddy Peanut. He's a pommy so i gave him a haircut for the summer. He was soo embarrased so I shaved mine. It seriously made him feel better. He is one with a black teacup sister almost ready to come home, her name is butters.
Timmyg, name him "Sir bigglesworth flops alot" Definately.
Thats dedication to cut your hair for your dog!!
aren't dogs great, he is a true companion.
All the pictures are great, I will get some this weekend to post. for now the avatar is My son jacob and Me. He is 8 years old, I also have a girl that is 13 going to be 14 on the 16th of June and My wife and Two cats. one looks like your cat vince in that picture.
Awww..those are some great pet pix, everyone.

Viv! I can't see the picture you that white x in the red background thingy instead. :lol:
cath said:
got that white x in the red background thingy instead. :lol:
Uh oh, I see this hitting 900 posts soon :lol::thumbup:
This is Percy, my constant and faithful companion, my sweetest one, for more than 15yrs. He passed away in my arms Jan. 13. I now live with one dog, Liza Jane, now 12 and blind/deaf, and the rest of the feline gang, Beauregard, Sweet William, Orion/Boodles, Meisje, Foxy Fae, Cassiopeia, and the youngest, Claw-dette. Don't have pics of all-they are too hard to round up and some just don't like each other.:funny:


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