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What do I need to know about MASC meetings?
General Information
MASC holds a meeting about every month. A few of these are big events like frag swaps or conferences. Many are less formal, more social gatherings. Once or twice a year we hold new reefer sessions before our meetings to help newbies get acquainted with the hobby. Our general calendar is listed below. Check the calendar or the MASC Info forum to get the details of our next events.
We try to hold events at various locations from southern Denver to Greeley and Ft Collins to allow members from different regions the opportunity to attend meetings near their home. Each meeting finds a diverse group of fellow reefers from all over Northern Colorado and Metro Denver and beyond in attendance. With only a few large events per year, many make it a point to attend these especially to exchange information about aquarium care and to learn more about the hobby.

For the majority of our meetings, there is no admission charge. Admission for our main MASC events (where we rent a meeting space) may vary and will be clearly posted along with the event details. Paid Members receive free or discounted admission. If you are not already a Member you can register at the door. ANYONE, member or non-member, is welcome to attend all events.

Food and Beverages
Snacks and drinks are available at most meetings. Sometimes the host provide the food and beverages, other times the club provides food and drinks, and occasionally we ask that people bring items to share. Some of our events may even include a meal. At conferences and frag swaps, the club may sell sodas and snacks for a small donation to the club. Information about food and drinks will be included in meeting announcements.

Family Members
Your whole family is welcome to attend, with only a few exceptions where children may not be appropriate (if this is the case it will be listed in the event announcement),

Door Prizes
A raffle for livestock, drygoods, and/or gift certificates for aquarium related items is held before the meeting concludes. Raffle tickets are typically $1 each or 25 for $20 - special raffles are occasionally held at other prices. Attendees are also welcome to donate items to be used in the raffle.

If you are interested in hosting a meeting, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know.
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