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Can somebody give me some information about the meeting tomarrow? I have never been to a TCMS meeting.

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Jun Bo Restaurant
On the NE corner of Nicollet and 494 in Bloomington.

750 gallon reef aquarium

Soda will be provided. Alcohol can be purchased. I will talk to the restaurant about providing food at a discounted rate or possibly free. We will have a private room. I am planning on bringing a ton of stuff to sell at a super discounted rate (I have accumulating a lot of odds and ends rebuilding systems or absorbing items back into inventory). Yes people can trade. Even Dirk can bring his wares to sell J

More about the system:

500lbs Pukani Live Rock
300lbs Reefer Rock
200lbs Fiji Base Rock

4 SeaStar Prism Pendants (400W MH and 2-32W actinics per pendant)
6 – 1” SeaSwirls
Reeflo Hammerhead Closed Loop Pump
Reeflo Dart Main Circulation Pump
BlueLine 70HD – Skimmer Re-circulating Pump
MRC MR4R Re-circulating Beckett Injector Skimmer
MRC WC-4 Waste Collector
MRC Large Nilsen Reactor
X-Large Refugium/Sump
Eco-Plus 6” fan – circulates air out of sump are and vents into ceiling
Neptune ACIII
IKS Vario LP Dosing Pump
Electronically Controlled Auto Top-off System with Redundant Electronic Float Switches

Livestock Highlights:
2 – Mystery Wrasses
Peppermint Hog Fish
School of yellow tangs
School of juv. Blue tangs
Scopus Tangs (yellow tang pack leaders)
Magnificent Fairy Wrasse
Large Dejardini Salfin Tang
Scholl of Firefish

Lots of show size Echino’s, Zoo’s (one entire rock formation is dedicated to zoos), Purple Nephtheas, Sinularias, Favias, Ricordia, …..)

There is a 175 gallon lobster tank that we built in the kitchen. It might be available for viewing if the kitchen is not too crazy. It is insulated and has to be chilled to 42 degrees. It is a interesting setup

Just show up do the secret handshake and you are in.:)

There should be signup sheets there for ya.

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hahaha man that makes me laugh every time i see it
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