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Meet the Doopster!!

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Just wanted to post some new pics...

Some polyps from mnreefman.... (I'll be sending out the Frogspawn on Monday)
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hey buzzi just got some chocloate with neon orange centers tonight from tcmas, ill post a pic and send ya a frag of these as well
Way! nice close ups, Buzz.
Hey Buzz I see the family resemblance!! Nice pics!:D
What is Doopster? Finger Dragonet? He's GORGEOUS!!!! (If it is a Finger Dragonet... watch out for TDWYATT... he's been looking for one and might come and swipe it from ya!)

Awesome fish ya got there Buzz!

I haven't been able to find any around here.

Where did you get it?
Looks like some kind of scooter blenny.
I have a Doopster fish too (mine's a Red Scooter Blenny). It's pretty funny how they react to seeing their reflection.
Mine can go from completely pale to almost black in about 5 seconds when he sees his reflection, his beak turns a bright yellow and all his fins flare out.
Great fish to watch for entertainment. :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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