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So I have been thinking about either replacing my 72 gal bow or adding a 2nd tank. Maybe if I keep 2 tanks the 2nd will be FOWLR tank so I have been looking around on CL and have came up with a few in my area.
125 gallon reef-ready Oceanic aquarium -tank, oak stand, glass tops, wood canopy and plumbing kit. $580.
AGA 125 gallon reef-ready aquarium (tank and sump only) has some scratches $250.
120 Gallon Aquarium 72L X 18D X 24W Pine Cabinet Wet Dry Filter with protein skimmer, Pump $500

The first two are being sold by the same guy says he has lots of other equipment and is willing to put a deal together.

If I go with a FOWLR tank my wish list for stock it so far
Blue Hippo Tang
Puffer either Box or Dog face
Trigger fish

Any thought s on these prices? or should I keep looking
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