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MAXIMA are they hard to care for?!?

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I keep seeing these on this site and I really like them, how hardy are they? Are they reef safe!

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They require very high lighting - don't even consider maximas unless you have MH. Clams in general require excellent water parameters. Hardy? Not really.

I don't remember what your lighting setup is, but wait until your tank is more established before plunging into clams.

A better starter clam would be a derasa or a squamosa once your tank is more mature.

Hm... On my grow out tank, which is a 29, I have 110W of PC (via 2 x 55W bulbs.) I wouldn't even think of putting a clam in there, honestly. LPSs and softies, yep - and they do great. But I can't honestly recommend a clam in a small, still new, PC-lit tank.

Barry at Clams Direct is a good guy, with some good info. You might also consider reading more about clams and their care in the clam-dedicated forums at RC (yes, I said it) and


PS. I'm glad your brain is eating! They're little piggies once they recognize food. :)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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