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Ok so my reef tank has been up running for Almost 2 years now and everything is stable and everything is thriving and I was wondering what additions I could add for more color to the tank. These are the inhabitants:


-Flame Angel
-Lawnmower Blenny
- Green Chromis (3)
-Ocellaris Clownfish (3)
-Domino Damsel (3)
-Four Stripe Damsel (3)
-Blue Tang
-Desjardini Sailfin Tang
-Yellow Tang
-Fairy Wrasse (2)

-Bubble Tip Anemone
-Carpet Anemone
-Dwarf Hermit Crabs
-Tiger Cowrie
-Black Sea Cucumber
-Cleaner Shrimp
-Turbo Snails
-Green Brittle Starfish
-Sand Sifting Starfish
-Black Shortspine Sea Urchin
-Feather Duster Fan Worms

-Carnation Tree Leather (2)
-Duncan LPS
-Frogspawn LPS
-Galaxea LPS
-Actinodiscus Mushrooms (2)
-Ricordea Mushrooms
-Star Polyps (2)
-Yellow Polyps
-Zooanthid Polyps (2)

I also am having a feather duster outbreak and as much as diversity they add to the tank they are growing everywhere and I was wondering what animal would eat them and be compatible with what I have. If need I can remove or take out a fish at night.

I prefer to have LPS and soft coral because of the movement they create.
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