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DATE: Sunday, July 18, 2010 TIME: 12:00 noon to 5:00pm

GIFFORD PINCHOT STATE PARK, Pavillion #3 Quaker Race Side (North Beach)
2200 Rosstown Rd.
Lewisberry, Pennsylvania 17339

Park Map

Bring the family to our First Annual MDRC Picnic. Come early and spend the day at the Park, on the beach, fishing, hiking, swimming, boating (byob - bring your own boat).

Everyone is welcome! Bring a friend!

MDRC will provide Hamburgers and Hot Dogs and drinks.

Please bring a covered dish (with something in it) to share with everyone.

York Divers is a PADI 5 Star Scuba Diving Center and Training Facility. They sell scuba equipment, teach scuba classes, and run trips from the Atlantic Ocean to the warm waters of the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans. Diving and Corals just seem to go together!

FRAG SWAP RULES - If you want to participate in the FREE frag swap, then bring 1 to 3 frags of something you want to put into the community frag tank.. Please bring something nice to swap Zoa's, Shrooms, Acans, LPS, SPS, etc. (no Kenya tree, Anthillia, Star Polyps or Xenia). For each item you bring, it goes in a common tank, and you then pull a number from a "hat". If you bring 3 items you get 3 numbers, etc. Once everyone has arrived and put their items in the tank and had time to eat, swim and enjoy the day, we will start calling out numbers. This should begin around 3pm. You come up to the tank when your number is called and pick 1 item from the tank. You go home with something different then you came with. Must be present when number is called.

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