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After a short hiatus, we began adding new WYSIWYG corals to our livestock boutique, Marine Depot Live, at much lower pricing a few weeks back.

The response has been great so far so we thought we'd share some of our recent additions with you!

PS: If you haven't already done so, you can sign up for our email newsletter (box at the bottom of the site) to save 10% off your next order @ MDL.

Acropora Coral - Ultra - WYSIWYG

Green Maze Brain Coral - Colony - WYSIWYG

Christmas Favia Coral - WYSIWYG

Dragon Prism Favia Coral Colony - WYSIWYG

Green Long Tentacle Plate Coral - WYSIWYG

Green Stem Hammer Coral - WYSIWYG

UFO Invasion Scoly Coral - WYSIWYG

Corals are delivered next-day for $24.99; orders $200+ are shipped FREE. We also back your order with a 14-Day Arrive Alive Guarantee.
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