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I'm a beginner saltwater hobbyist.

46 Gallon bow front glass tank
36" actinic+cf combo light
2 thermometers @ 81-83
fluval 450 3-phase filter
another (I forget the name and brand - will fill in later) biowheel filter 2-phase
bio backpack protien skimmer

light is set to run about 12 hours per day (on a timer)

1x cube box fish
1x red hermit, large
1x hermit, small
1x blue tang (either blind or or so traumatized that it hides vertically in a corner or bounces against the reef rocks
1x striped wrasse
1x oscillaris clown
2x xenia groups
30 lbs of live/reef rock
crushed coral (90%) + black sand (10%) substrate mix

techincally this is my 2nd tank since the first one cracked from one of the reef rocks slipped one day and cracked the tank where I didn't see until it was too late. first tank had about 100 lbs of live/reef rock.

first set of fish didn't make it past crack of 2009. I started my saltwater hobbying around 2004-5'ish.
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