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So, I decided to start a vivarium to house either Dendrobates or Mantella frogs. It started life as a very different object. I bought a football display case from Hobby Lobby for $25. It's about 10"H X 16"L X 12"W. I turned the lid over and sealed it with silicone. I wanted something different and, I have to say, this thing is very nice.

I used about an inch and a half of round rock in the bottom for a drainage layer. I added a couple inches of substrate (peat moss, top soil, and coconut fiber). I found some drift wood and boiled it for a time before adding it. I also found some granite, schist, and some nice pieces of pegmatite to add. I visited the local nursery and bought a couple ferns, which I rinsed very thoroughly before adding. I also added some moss and some very small plants intended for aquariums in the small water feature in the vivarium. Overall, I am very happy with the enclosure. It holds water great, despite my worries. I still need to make a lid (I use saran wrap to keep him in for now).

Now the frog. At work, we had a Dendrobates tincorius, two D. leucomelas, a single Mantella betsileo that we have had forever. I felt sorry for the little M. betsileo so I gave him a good home. He's very happy in his new enclosure. Let me know what you think.

Here's the case I used:


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