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Major DIY Score!

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Hey folks.

Well this is sorta reef related, it will sure get used on the tank in one way or another.

My step-grandmother and father are moving into a small house inside of town, since thier house out in the country is getting to be too much to take care of.

Well My grandfather was a carpenter. He built furniture for a hobby/living. He is going to sell all of his wood working tools in the next couple weeks. So I told my stepdad to tell them not to sell the Tablesaw, 6' drill press, or router table because I want to buy those.

Well my Grandfather told my step-dad to just have me come and get those no charge. My dad no no he wants to buy them, but my Grandpa refused says "Nah he can look around and buy something else". So I will probably buy some hand planes or his planer if its in good condition.

I don't know much about the router or table, but the tablesaw is only a few years old, and its a Delta!!!

I will put this "score" up against any of Buzz's awesome LFS scores!

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dave, yo udont want a table router, or a 6' drill press. they are very bulky, difficult to operate, and a pain in the butt to maintain them. the delta table saws are notorious for breaking down, i've even heard of the blades flying off and decapitatign the users. they say it doesnt usually happen unti lthey are a "few years old"

my advice is to pick the stuff up, i'll send you some money for shipping. ship them to me and i'l lsee that they are properly disposed of for you.

just trying to look out for your saftey man ;)
no medal needed dave, jsut doing my part :D

btw: congrats on the new stuff. !! now you wont have to have HD cut the wood for the next project!
works for me!

but if we sell at cost to trt members, that means we've gotta havea HUGE markup to members of other boards to make up the lost profits :)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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