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Well seamonkey I have been where you are now! I have voiced my opinions at times and have had a couple of run-ins on this board and if I may say so one was Doug but I have been here long enough and know him well enough(scarey thought!;) ) that difference are just that nothing more!
Now if I get a chance to meet Doug this summer at Flathead Lake I hope we don't get in a disagreement over what type beer to drink! :funny: Of coarse if I buy I see that not happening! :beer:
You are one of the lucky few to have found this board and the members are the best! They are very helpful and knowledgeable and we have become a family as well which is very unique for a reef forum!
So welcome back and put it behind you and have alot of fun in your quest to have a beautiful tank and we all want the very best for you and your critters! Ok enough jawing for me and no remarks from casey, jay, the two Jeffs, Doug, or anyone else as I have a right to speak my mind!!!:p ;) :dance:
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