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Well another lumber mill in Eureka, Montana closed down today and 200 more people on the unemployment line! 22 lumber mills have shut down in Montana in the last year!
I guess we will see where we stand with our mill when we return to work Monday as Home Depot has stopped taking our lumber because of some sales people in Oregon at Forest Groves(HQ for Stimson Lumber) making commitments of lumber that has not even been cut yet and Home Depot when they want the lumber it had better be there or they get quite upset and I can understand where they are coming from!
I believe about 80 per cent of our lumber goes to HD! Well whatever happens is not in my control so Pat and I will do what is necessary to move on but sure will miss our tanks!
Pat and I are really looking forward to going back to Vermont so it would be a blessing in disguise if the mill does shut down. I would feel sorry for most of the 650-700 people who live in the area all their lives as work would be hard to come by!
Hey look on the bright side we would be closer to cath, Tom, Rick and few other TRT'ers. Will keep ya updated on what does happen with our mill and what the future holds for us! Thanks for reading!:D

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Sad thing on the mills Johnny. I know here in Oregon virtually every lumbersale that comes out goes to court because radical ecoterrorists have found lawyers to be the most deadly weapon of all. I think public land timber accounts for may 20% of oregon lumber sales, the rest coming from a few large private owned companies, like Wherehauser, etc.
So much lumber you see in the lumber yards has maple leaves on it :(
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