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I have a lot of good stuff to get rid of. The prices are very nominal.

The first 7 items are only a couple months old. Purchased new for my son. He decided he didn't want it.

Complete Nano setup.
A 15 gallon glass tank 24 x 12 x 12 ( mint, purchased new )
A solid glass top that I had cut to fit the tank. ( Mint )
A 75 watt Visatherm heater and suction holder.( some coralline on it )
A black iron stand ( purchased new also)
A thermometer
A JBJ Formosa Deluxe 600, it's a 24 inch light with 2 - 65 watt combo bulbs, dual light switches and exhaust fan. ( this light was purchased new ). I have the box as well.
A fishnet.

All of the above $ 170 FIRM, retail is well over $ 300

A brand new never used Salifert Nitrate test kit. $ 8.00

9 PC bulbs that were used for 8 to 9 months each, some even less time than that. 50/50, blues. They would be great for a quarantine tank or fish only set ups etc. $ 6.00 a piece

A 2 gallon speciman tank. ( 6 months old ). Great for dipping, isolation etc. Free if you purchase the complete Nano setup.

A colony of 20 super orange and blue ricordea on a 6 pound rock for only $ 100.00.


If anyone is interested, PM me. Have a super weekend everyone.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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