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Looking to trade a RO unit

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I have a like new Kent marine RO unit 10gal TC unit it was used for about a month and i got a 60 gal a day I am looking to trade this unit for a nice sps coral...........I paid 100.00 for this ro unit.......
email me at.............
[email protected]
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darn can't understand why no one wants a RO/DI unit oh well I guess the trash men can use it...............
dont see your PM...........
this is what hte PM says....
dont throw the RO filter away!
i unfortunatly do niot have much to trade.......a finger leather coral and thats about it. oh yeah a torch witha few baby polyps on it but no big ones could you perhaps sell the unit? i could really do with one of those i have a nano tank and i dont need one of hte huge filters. thanks
hey i have some coral to trade also just no sps right now i could buy it also please email [email protected]
if nishant doesnt wont it thanks daniel
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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