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Look what came in the mail today

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I'm so glad it came, it is a 75 GPD, w/ 3.2 gallon tank, and I got it for $98!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ever meet someone from an area that DOESNT have flouride in their water? bad teeth. unless they brush 20 times a day
Not to nitpick, but that's an urban legend... the fluoride levels in your average tube of toothpaste are more than adequate to prolong tooth decay without needing fluoridated water.
Fluoride is also one of those substances like Iodine... in small doses they're beneficial but at just slightly higher levels they're extremely toxic. I don't know if I'd want to drink it regularly... :eek:
I know for one that I'm thankful our muni water isn't fluoridated... and the two times it has come up for a vote it has been voted down.
I'll stick with twice-yearly fluoride treatments at the dentist and using Crest... at least that I can control myself... ;)
(as an aside, I don't brush 20 times a day and still have excellent teeth... :D <--- see! )

Oh, and now back on topic...
excellent score on that R/O unit... does it also have a de-ionization cartridge? If so I may be looking into one of those... the others I've priced lately have been almost double that amount.
I'm still stuck using normal city water since none of the R/O vending machines in this area de-ionize... meaning my diatoms still get fully fueled. :)
I couldn't see spending money for self-serve R/O water (about $30/mo) when our muni water isn't much dirtier.
An R/O DI unit is definitely in my future though... I'm getting tired of scraping the glass and seeing brown on the sand. :)
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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