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Long Tentacle platees have a dismal survival record in captivity, even with experienced aquarists. The systems that usually can suport them are either semi- or totally open systems with frequent access to fresh NSW and planktonic creatures that the zooxanthellate LT plate (Heliofungia actiniformis) seem to have as a part of their diet. Every now and then you will see one that survives, usually in dirty systems similar to the conditions from which these little gems are usually harvested, but for the most part, they are better left in the ocean in their turbid seagrass or lagoonal habitats. See the article: Wabnitz, C., Taylor, M., Green, E. and Razak, T. (2003) From Ocean to Aquarium. UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge, UK; for more info on their poor survival rates when imported for the Aquarium trade. I find it amazing that Heliofungia and Cataphyllia spp. are among the top 10 genera of collected Scleractinians, yet they are seldom are seen in home aquaria (wanna guess why?)
Thanks Tom! That is some great info!
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