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Located in Staten Island, NY

To put a long story short, I've had my 75g tank setup for about a year but the tank was setup wrong. My plumbing is totally wrong and I think will give out soon. I can't get to the problem so I'm shutting this tank down and will resume the hobby at a later date.

Everything is healthy, fish do not have spots or disease and are very greedy. I dont have parasites or bad critters except for a very very large crab that I cannot get out (you guys can have him too)

I would like to at least keep the tang and clowns together, they actually get along quite well

5" Yellow Tang - $30
Two Saddleback Clowns - Female is about 3 1/2" and the male is about 3" $80
Half-black Angelfish - 2" $30
Cleaner shrimp - $10

I also have about 80 pounds of live rock, $3 per pound and its yours (whoever takes the live rock can have the Kenya tree and Devil's hand)

Green mushroom coral on red rock $40

Also have soccer ball of chaetomorpha $15

Pics will be posted when I get home from work, at about 6:30pm est

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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