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Little Protein Skimmer

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I got to try out this Lee's Aquarium mini protein skimmer on my 15 gallon nano, and I need some honest opinions here.

It sits in the water, and requires an air pump to make the bubbles and stuff. I have it running to test using 2 not so powerful air pumps in line (just for testing out, very temporary.) This setup is not really getting the foam level high enough as specified in the instructions. Here is my question to ya'll:

My nano is doing pretty great without a protein skimmer (I get water from the big fishtank (ocean)). I would need to purchase a powerful airpump, and I'm trying to decide if it is worth it to setup a mini protein skimmer for my application. Does a setup like this even work really? Any comments, positive or negative would be greatly appreciated.
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I think it is not really needed on a nano,small water changes do more mo.:)
I ran a 5 gallon nano for a little over a year. Started out with one of those tiny skimmers, but took it out after about 6 months.

I found out that it really wasn't worth using. I changed water weekly or bi-weekly from my main tank and this kept all the water in good enough shape. I also didn't not use additives because of these water changes.
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