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I've done what many have said to be impossible and finally decided to get a linkia star for my tank. After a trip to a reef wholesaler (where I bought about a 1000$ worth of coral for 300$) I picked up what I believed to be a very healthy and wholesome looking starfish and made sure not to expose to air and bagged him myself. At home he was carefully drip acclimated for 2 hours and then real eased into the tank. it's now been a week and he still is very active and has no signs of sickness or arm breakdown. Pics to come when i get wifi

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I hope you are successful, but you certainly can't be sure of that at this point.
Linkia take a LONG time to die from when death first starts.
When I tried a linkia, it lasted less than a year in my 90g tank that had been running about 4 yrs when I introduced the linkia.
It was probably already dying before I saw some signs, but it still took months after it became much less active, to when disintigration began.
After getting a computer and finding out more about them online, I decided it was a waste of life for me at least, to try another one.
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