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Good afternoon, Hack, Rick, Vinnie, Doug, and all of TRT!

First thing - Hack, I hope you listened to Dr. Jen and your guy friends on the daily thread. No way should you be at work! Maybe you need to go to an ENT to check out your ears. Are you are you growing potatoes in there?🤪

Rick Did I hear you say BIG LFS store? That sounds like great fun. Remember to share a photo of the loot that you buy. Refresh my memory about what your son does. Is he in college?

Doug, your temperatures out there are just plain mean, and bad for everyone!

If all goes well and I can figure out the live stream thing tonight I will be on along with Robert king the inventor of CharChamber.
Oh boyeee! I wish I could watch that tonight. I bet you’ll be able to figure it out and will do a fantastic job. I’m so proud of one of our very own being on a show!

Feeling a little bit better today but my GI tract it’s not in working order yet. The antiviral drug is working, I’m very grateful for that. My diet options are quite bland, but that’s all I can tolerate right now. The thought of salad makes me weak. That’s partly because though I have not lost my sense of taste or smell, I have no appetite. Oh well…

I better reply with this so I can see if Hack is home.

Lots of love and hugs and peace and good health to everyone!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts