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color temp on the mh, is sort of whatevr you prefer. 6500 is more yellowish noon type light. 10,000 is more blueish crisp white light.

in a tank that size, with those lights, you could keep most corals, imo, besides for the really heavy duty stony guys that require lots of light.

an anemone, imo, and many others, wil require more light. but will still eventually die. if you feel you MUST get an anemone, it owuld be better to try and find a clone, that has been tank raised. as they are better acclimated to tanks. a natural caught anemone is dying from the day it's captured. may take a week, may take a year or two, but it will die, and poison the tank. in the wild they live for many many years (i've heard up to a hundred)

if you want some higher light corals you may consider 175mh or even 250
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