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Lights of America

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I'm looking for the 65W power compact "security" LOA lights for using on a refugium. Anyone know where to get these in the Twin Cities?

-- Thomas
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menards has a pretty good selection of LOA fixtures including the 65Watter you are thinking of. However mine only lasted three months above the sump before it fried, I opened it up and it was all rusty and gooey inside. it was around $30
oh shoot,
Now I am not sure I really think it might have been Home Depot that I got it at, one of those two anyway but I am leaning to HD.
sorry for the confusion,
Hi Matt,

I went to both Home Depot and Menards today, and at both places they claimed they've never heard of Lights of America, and I didn't see any similar lights either. Maybe it varies from store to store?
With my job I'm in alot of the hardware stores around town. It is definitely Home Depot that carries them. I rarely see the 65watt version. Most places carry a 27 watt version. I usually see the bulbs at all of them. The bulb is realy what your after becuase it has a rating suitable for refugium type of growth. So if you can find another fixture that will house that bulb and has some kind of seal on it for out door use that could be another option for you.

It was HD in Eden Prairie if that helps.
Menards does carry them. They will have no idea what your talking about when you say LOA! It is a 65w compact flourescent outdoor security light your looking for. It is about 4 inches wide, 3 inches deep and 8 inches long >from memory. It will be displayed mounted on the wall with the other outdoor fixtures and security lights. Just go in and ask for one of the department managers in electrical and they should be able to get it for you. They also have the bookworm lights everyone is nuts about! I have 3!
OK, I have to try the HD in eden prairie. I went to the HD in St. Luois Park and the Menards on 394 and Lousiana Ave, and fine-searched the lighting sections. The largest they had was the 27 watt version.

BTW, are these lights the optimal ones for a refugium? I've seen a couple of people having them break. Or is it maybe better in the long run to buy a power compact light? (I found a Coralife Aqualight 96W light strip for ~$85 with shipping.)

Stoney Reef: What are the bookworm lights?
Menards used to carry the 65W LOA but they don't have them anymore (at least the last time I checked). They clear them out at $27 or $22 each but I didn't see any at the two Menards in Rochester. Even the display model was gone.

They are coming out with a new line with new styling from Regent but looks similar to the LOA ones. I didn't see any 65W one though.

I have a 65W LOA on a 29gal FW planted tank for over 1 1/2 years. It's still working with the original bulb (really needs a new bulb).
Yeah, Menards doesn't seem to have them anywhere. I just checked another one and they didn't have any. As you say, they had some Regent ones, buth they were only 20-something watts.
check out some reports of LOA's not running very long in a high use application such as a Refugium
Yeah, I just saw a couple of threads on that. What would be the best bet then? A single 96W on a 40 gallon refugium? Or maybe less/more?
clyde said:
check out some reports of LOA's not running very long in a high use application such as a Refugium
This is true. The reason is the angle of use. These lights are designed to be pointed up or within a 45 degree angle of up. If you point them down you need to drill holes in the plastic housing for heat escape. If you properly ventilate (drill holes) they last a long time.

Both HD and Menrads DID have them. There are similar light fixtures that accomplish the same thing. Just check the reccommended use and required ventilation.


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