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Hey again!:wavey:
im wanting to buy new brighter lights for my tank.But on my tank i just have the hood that it comes with in the package deal at petco, just a blackhood with a cover and the light fixture area(not sure what to call it), soo in that hood i can only fir one lightbulb i it and now i have a new corallife light that is 10,000K i think and only 17 watts*not enough as ive heard* im wanting to buy some LED's or halides but i can only get them at petco since thats the only LFS around my area. ive seen some hoods that dont cover the complete tank top and im scared for any of my fish to jump out! is there anything i can use to fit over my tank then put the new lighting above it, is there any type of light that i can just fit in the hood i have that willl be brighter and better looking than my 17 watt one???
im looking at theese lights but the dont cover the top...
and here are some bulbs im more intersted in because it can fir in my hood i have already
:help::help:im going to petco any reply asap with be apppreciated
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