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would 4 65w pc's be good for my 30g? i want to be able to keep almost anything. also how about clams would this be ok or will i have to add a mh.
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I think your lighting system would be great for just about everything except some Acro corals and clams! I would put in a MH bulb if you want clams and some Acro sps corals!:)
Yea get Mh if you want clams:)
I think a good combination would be 2-65w Actinic PC lights and a 175w 10K Halide lamp.
Then you'll be able to keep anything.

I started out with 220w of PC lighting and just recently upgraded to a halide/pc combo and there is no comparison at all to light intensity... I'm much happier (and so are the corals) with the halide.

You can get a retrofit kit or get the DIY parts from HelloLights for pretty cheap.

That's my recommendation anyway... but whichever route you choose, try to keep your white and actinic bulbs at a 1:1 ratio in wattage (or pretty close to that)... it gives the nicest color IMO.
It is possible to keep SPS under PC's. It will depend on how deep your tank is and where you place them in the tank. I have not kept clams under PC so I dont know if it can be done.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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