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Hello all, first post :]

after two of my college roommates started creating custom fish tanks for their freshwater fish, i caught the bug and started designing my own tank as well, only I want to go salt water.

at first I wanted to go seahorse, but after looking at how difficult it can be for a first timer, I think i am just going to go with a basic setup for now.

my tank has a square 12" base, and is 24" high, for a ~15 gallon tank.
i looked into heating, and know that I'm supposed to have about 5watts/gallon, so i'm looking into 75w heating supplies, but I'm lost as to lighting.

i want to have a lot of coral / live rocks (reef stuff), as well as some good beginner fish. I dont really quite know what gets along and what doesn't yet, and what lives in compatible tank requirements, so I'd appreciate any recommendations there!

I still don't know if I'm doing sump yet or not, but I know I also need a pump, but i suppose that will depend on the fish and such that i get.

any recommendations for a tank with my dimensions (tower shaped) for lighting and sea life?

i will be sure to post pictures once it is built, but for now, waiting for the silicon and wood stain to cure. i'm not a super patient person, so the waiting game kinda makes me look like this: :arg:

thanks everyone :]
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