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lighting? again

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if i was to put a single mh bulb over my 3' 50 gal tank, wich way would i situate it? it would have a parabolic reflector above it.

also, would 400 watts be too much for my tank? is there a mh bulb that doesnt need actinic supplementation without being overly blue?

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If you're trying to cover a 3' tank (how wide?), I would situate it parallel to the length of the tank.

I think if you would get a 400W MH with a spider light reflector (also called parabolic) and mount it perpinducular to the front of your tank it would probably give you the coverage you want. If you went with a 20K MH bulb you would probably not need actinic (VHO or PC) supplementation. Some of the vendors like Dr. Mac use 20K's over their coral prop. tanks without actinic supplementation.

I have a 58G tank wich also has the 3 foot width, I have a hamilton hood with a 250W MH 10K and two 55W PC's. I have kept about everything I wanted to keep in this tank. (i.e. clams, SPS, softies etc.) The only problem is that the light on the sides is a little less intense, but that is where I keep the lower light corals. My lights are mounted parrallel and without the spider reflector so I do not get as much light coverage. You could also use a 14K MH bulb which is a little less blue than the 20K. Here is a good supplier for lights:

Sorry to ramble, hope this helps....
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