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Lifespan of a Sebae

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I was doing some research online and ran across an article that said, "No one I have spoken with, not even the public aquariums, can keep the white or yellow ones alive for more than 6-8 months." :arg:


My question is: Is this true? How long are you guys able to keep yours alive?
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The lifespan of most nems is thought to be potentially in the hundreds of years or more from what I've read...the info in the article needs to be expanded on...what is typically sold as a "white Sabae" anemone is almost always a nem which should be tan or greenish/tan with colored tips...due to poor handling in the supply chain they are almost always very badly "bleached" by the time they reach the retailer...the uneducated consumer thinks the bright white with blue or purple tips looks really pretty and buys an animal that without a lot of TLC has been dealt a death sentence...many bleached nems can be brought back if you give them the necessary care...I personally have a H. crispa that was quite bleached when I received has regained it's natural color and grown nicely in the 2+ years it's been in my tank.
Okay. Good. I was starting to think that particular kind was doomed in aquariums no matter what you did. Thanks for clearing that up!
Okay. Good. I was starting to think that particular kind was doomed in aquariums no matter what you did. Thanks for clearing that up!
They are considered by many to be a somewhat harder nem...but I think that's mainly because it's hard to find a healthy specimen to start with.
I read online that in captivity there is no one recorded to keep one past 8 months.
But the ocean is a different story right!
No no no no no. These animals should out live us. The white ones have a poor track record because they are bleached. When healthy, these anemones are a tan color. Being bleached is not a death sentence though. In the right conditions, many of these anemones can recover. I have brought them through this problem multiple times. In fact, I had one for several years that is now in a friends tank, and still doing fine.

The bright yellow ones are dyed. This is a disgusting practice used to sell more anemones. I've never tried to rehabilitate one of these anemones, and don't know of anyone that has been successful. I wouldn't say it's impossible. Highly unlikely though.
I didnt know it was such an issue finding a good specimen!
There is a petco by me (yeah believe it or not haha) that always seems to have a steady supply of large specimens with a nice brown color. Everytime I have been there its been a real fight to not go home with one but I have enough nems and dont need to go through the hassel of checking my powerheads constantly till it settles.
So what you're saying, Solace87, is that a dang Petco near you has better quality nems than BOTH the LFSs near me! I find this very sad. lol. **** the luck!
or that they have a better/more direct from the ocean supplier. Im sure if they lasted more than a few days at the store (they are 27 dollars!!) then they would look just as crappy. I was there yesterday for some catfood and they had this beautiful purple and flourescent yellow lta. Had me wishing again! Ironically enough all the condys they had looked like crap
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