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I'm sure similar must have happened to everyone else here. Looking through the community tank at the local lfs and spot a sps colony upside down in the sand. When I ask the owner about it, he claims he couldn't get it to stay in place and it had "disappeared"and wondered where it had gone. "Gave" it to me for $5! Good size, fluorescent green and brown, looks like a Pavona (lfs called it a "Cactus") but the problem is half of the tips are dead from being buried in the sand. Everything else looks good but now algae is starting to grow on the tips (uggh, brought hair algae to my tank) and I'm wondering what I should do? Cut dead off, leave it, or what? I took a toothbrush and carefully scrubbed the ends to remove the worst of the algae, but don't know if that's okay or not to continue. While post a picture as soon I figure out how.
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i know from experiance that if you save this coral it will regrow over the dead spots...if you can get the alge off......ill keep it the way it is....imo
i agree, keep it the way it is. try and pull off all the algae you can. if you do not have algae in the tank, then it will prolly have a hard time establishing itself anyway. if the conditions in the tank are to its liking, it will grow back over the dead spots.

good luck,

Thanks guys. I will keep up the brushing until maybe the yellow tang discovers it. He's cleaned up any other hair algae I've ever had.
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